“Show & Sell” – The ridiculousness of Condo Security
Date: 27.08.2016
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 True Story Monday morning @ 0745 hours, I got out of my condo apartment, took the elevator down to P1 and walked to my car, with the usual tunnel vision and early morning emails on my mind. As I neared my parking spot, I noticed that my front-driver window looked open. Weird, I never forget to close my windows…OK… Small pieces of glass scattered around the parking spot…something happened…looking around…WHAT? MY CAR GOT VANDALISED???? As this was kicking in, I leaned on the car, and noticed….”AND MY ROOF RACK IS MISSING”???? IN A CONDOMINIUM THAT HAS 24-7 SECURITY????????? WHAT? NO! HOW? HOW THE HELL?????? Immediately up I went, to see the concierge, who had a whole pile of people in […]