Who cares about guards (and their wages)?
Date: 03.09.2016
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I don’t know where to start, maybe someone can help. I have been in this industry for coming up to 12 years, and I am yet to see any security association putting up a meaningful campaign to raise guard wages, or at least raising the professional profile of the guard….ASIS, IAHSS, IFPO and others…as the top echelons of the industry gear up for the ultra-posh, suit-and-tie ASIS 2016 Seminar in Orlando (entrance fee is $895 if you’re an ASIS member – hotel, flights, meals are all extra – probably all paid by the employer), the struggle of Ontario’s security guards to afford new backpacks for their kids this September, surely continues. I started as a guard at a slaughter-house back in 2005, at a time […]