Ace Your Showing- A Packing Guide
Date: 20.06.2017
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Showings can be long and stressful, but we try and make them as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Here are the 5 essentials we always bring with us:

Rental Applications

Because even though we send them in advance, some people don’t bring them to appointments.

Coloured Files in a Pile

Laptop & Phone Charges

So you can always stay connected.



Folding Chairs

Never trust the state of the home…could be under construction, could be busy with no place to sit… or completely empty!


Snack Bars

To feed the winning machine!


Hand Sanitizer…lots of it

We plan to shake as many hands and open as many doors as possible. To reduce/prevent the spread of germs, without running to the bathroom each time, we always stock up on hand sanitizer to keep our hands clean.

hand sanitizer

What do YOU bring to showings?

Alex Goldstein


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