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Date: 13.07.2017
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Got an AirBnB? We can look after it!

AirBnB is a great passive income-generating option – essentially turning your investment property into a hotel. But how do you manage this sort of an investment property, where tenants change almost daily? We can help 🙂



If you want to get good reviews on AirBnB you need to make sure the property is clean before and after each guest. Some guests are messier than others, so you will need to have a system in place where proper cleaning is done.

Our cleaning teams are on the road, fully-equipped, and ready to clean and take “before” and “after” photos for our, and your records. We use natural, effective cleaning products to ensure your guests are in a clean and healthy environment. We try to be as quick and efficient as possible in order to minimize delays in guest occupancy.

We also do sheets & towel services on location.






We schedule regular preventative maintenance inspections at all AirBnB properties and make sure that your utilities (heat, water, electricity), fire safety (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors), security (doors, locks, and windows), and appliances (laundry, dishwasher, and even the microwave!) are in good order, ready for use by guests. Maintenance reports are provided to you monthly.

We also provide demand-maintenance services – so if there is an issue during the guest’s stay (such as heavy snowfall, appliance failure, or lights-out) – we dispatch our maintenance team to solve the problem. A full report is provided to you after the problem is solved.

Need to maintain a good lawn? We’ve got it! We beautify your lawns and repair driveways and patios. Some guests are more careful than others, we know it, and we can perform simple, effective fixes – so you don’t need to pay specialists to come in each time.





Keys and Access

We maintain a secure, easy access system whereby guests can sign out keys from us and then return them to us – so that you don’t have to invest in complex locking systems or worry about break-ins and duplication.

For added peace-of-mind – we can re-key your doors to a non-duplication type key, so that only an authorized locksmith, on ours or your instruction, is able to copy your property keys.





Please be advised that the City of Toronto is considering new regulations targeting short-term AirBnb rentals, and thus this may not be a sustainable rental strategy. Properties beyond the city limits are not subject to these regulations.

Contact us if you need advice on rental strategy, long term tenants, or maintaining/managing your AirBnb!

Alex Goldstein


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