A Landlord? A Property Manager! Your Tenants? Your Clients!
Date: 24.08.2017
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For the last 2 years we have been diligently making our rounds through many residential properties helping landlords find tenants, repair appliances, respond to emergencies, and manage all kinds of crises. We are finding that in 80% of our calls there exists a climate of chilling nervousness, mistrust, and low-key despise between landlords and tenants. This climate, in our opinion, needs to change, and it starts with the landlord. Many single-family residential home landlords are investors, who do not fully understand the legal, financial, and simply-human responsibilities that come with being a landlord and managing a property. They perceive being a landlord through the following statements:   “I expect the tenant to be, and act like, me, because the way […]