Property Maintenance Services

Property Maintenance Services

Completion of unscheduled and on-call maintenance tasks such as:

  • Appliance Repairs
  • Exterior Repairs (fences, decks, roofs, planting)
  • Interior repairs (flooring, painting, HVAC)


Performance of scheduled (yearly, seasonal, monthly) Maintenance Services, such as:

  • Smoke and CO Detector verification, Fire Extinguisher Checks
  • Landscape upkeep and Snow removal
  • Furnace, Sump Pump, and Water Heater checks
  • Replacement of filters, vents and access hardware
  • Interior Cleaning (optional)


Performing property upgrades and Construction work, such as:

  • Establishing Legal Basement Apartments
  • Replacement of Roofs, Windows, and Doors
  • Fences, Gates, and Garage Doors
  • Planting vegetation