Managed Services

Managed Services

Resolving Tenant-Neighbor Disputes

  • Addressing territoriality issues and concerns
  • Resolving Noise Complaints
  • Working to ensure the full enjoyment of the property by tenants and Landlord

Resolving Tenant-Landlord Disputes

  • Addressing non-payment of rent
  • Filing claims and court documents with the LTB
  • Carefully and speedily handling the Eviction Process

Resolving Tenant-Municipal Disputes

  • Addressing property planting
  • Ensuring constant delivery of city services (utilities, newspapers, garbage collection services)

Response and Performance of urgent repairs due to:

  • Fires
  • Floods and Loss of Water
  • Natural Disasters (Snow/Ice Storms, Tornadoes, etc)
  • Theft, Break & Enter, and general vandalism

Regular and consistent collection of

  • Rent payments
  • Deposits and fees

Effective Management of 

  • Tenant Insurance – adequate and in effect
  • Utility consumption and payments
  • Contracts and Rental + Renewal Agreements

Support and Education of tenants on what is, and is not permitted on your property

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance to legislation:

  • Fire Safety
  • Local By-Laws and regulations
  • Landlord-Tenant Board directives and the Residential Tenancies Act


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