Medical Marijuana & ACMPR Consulting

We deliver the following services to our clients:



– Threat Risk Assessments – Statistics-based Crime-Risk evaluation, Vulnerabilities and exposure to hazards and adverse environmental conditions

РSuitability Reviews РReviewing locations from an ACMPR compliance lens

– Zoning Assessments – Reviewing Legislation and by-laws, Proximity to communities, sensitive uses and environmental factors


Security Systems Design

– Mapping Access Control, Surveillance, and Intrusion systems, devices, and interoperability

– Drafting Concept of Operation plans

– Selection of and consulting on appropriate Hardware and Software

– Project Management

– Integration Services


Standard Operating Procedures 

Development of ACMPR and Directive -compliant day-to-day security policies relating to Access, Visitor Management, Movement and security of cannabis products, privacy and protection of confidential information, emergency response handling and continuity planning