PPP / DBFM Infrastructure Projects

PPP/DBFM & Large Public Infrastructure Projects

Accredited Provincially by Infrastructure Ontario, and Federally by Public Works & Government Services Canada – we specialize in Public-Private-Partnership model construction projects and management programs. We provide Security consultation and management services through the following stages of the PPP:

Design – We provide input, consultancy, interpretation, and application of security, emergency management, and operational requirements for the safe, secure, and sustainable design of public facilities (hospitals, transit systems, and research facilities)

Build – We work with construction teams to ensure adherence to security design plans, provide independent audit services of work progression.

Finance – We monitor security risk on behalf of lender groups by providing Threat Risk Assessments and consultancy services which positively impact scope and orientation of the project.

Manage/Maintain – We make security, emergency, and operational plans go live! We develop policies and procedures, procure and oversee the implementation of systems, hire, recruit, and train staff, and develop

Key Performance Metrics to assist the PPP manage successfully though its lifespan. We work closely with all stakeholders: Government representatives, Designers, Constructors, and Property Managers to make the PPP a successful reality.

Providing customized Threat Risk Assessments and Mitigation strategies, so that those who protect us are able to effectively protect themselves.

Design and Facilitation of Security Management, Guarding, and Supervisory courses, on-site seminars, and online learning